the girl.

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'if we're only ever looking back we will drive ourselves insane'
19, Canada, Andrea.

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Bucket List - Summer Version

Things to do!

City and Colour

Half Moon Run

City and Colour, again

Young the Giant

Tokyo Police Club



Beach Volleyball

Parental’s wedding :)



Pottery Class

Road Trip



Ripley’s Aquarium - TO

Move out …..

Things already done!

Presidents honour roll

Get into Architectural Technology 

First summer I can do what I want because I don’t have anybody telling me I can’t.


last day of schooooooooooool ♥♥♥♥♥

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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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Where is your fight? Does it belong inside the barriers of my face or does it only exist through your incompetence to deal with the simple task of breathing? Innocent, but you label me guilty, guilty of what? There is no reason to be so incoherent; you are acting like an abandoned child. A simple clock, where hands move in a constant, and it is only after the revolution, that there becomes a simple moment, that repetition is your memory. Not even a chance, I know every word you say and all I can substitute is your desperation, yet you know nothing about loneliness, a place so cold it drives you to an asylum. I have watched you before sweetheart, manipulative little sociopath, and most of your loathing comes from the trepidation that I can see right through you, I see the desperate plea from the pits of an overly depressed person. Your only shot at substance is the sympathy vote, yet I have lost more then I wish anyone else to ever loose, and where is my plea for attention? You are the self-conscious, unassertive societal worm that unlike those that feed on the unhappiness of others, you feed on the elevation of yourself against people that pose a threat to you, much weaker then you, and there is no difference between the coward living in your despair, and someone that tortures children sexually and puts the blame on a repressed memory that only exists inside of the delusional penchant you create to think, that maybe, she loved you once. Define clarity. Piteous swine, wipe your tears and be fabulous, stop feeding from the desperate plea that only feeds you attention. There is nothing about your life but the useless abstinence, a crowd of nothings that speak warm to your face and cold to your back. You play the social extrovert whilst people mock you in one of the most segregating elements of your social structure. Every word you say about someone, in a complacent way, your world is a constitution of fear, i pity your every word, as an embellishment, your brain is working in overtime because you can not process the simple functions of self decency.Leach onto the lifestyle of a lush, and find your happiness three shots before the end of a bottle, yet when that world falls to nothing, you will need someone, someone that is so tired of your pathetic jealousy, someone that feels your possessive nature is becoming obsessive, and through your fear of change, you will find yourself at the end of a neatly tied rope, and i will be the only person that grieves you, the only person that cries, for i know the place you are in, the desolate planet where you are so anxious for affection that you will cling to anything that shows you three seconds of worth, a worth that you are entitled to.

of course I actually start being a little less shy two days before class is over.. :(

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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here


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this is happening too, summer of concerts here we come !

this is happening too, summer of concerts here we come !

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City and Colour - The Grand Optimist - Live at Coachella 2014

he’s so beautiful ♥ less than a month!

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two daysssss ♥♥♥♥♥

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